How To Make S'mores!

How To Make S'mores!

What you’ll need:

  • Delish Melish marshmallows 
  • Biscuits or cookies, big fresh cookie are ideal or just a few Rich Tea bikkies
  • Thin chocolate, either milk or dark Or Chocolate or caramel sauce

S’mores are traditionally a North American dessert (Canadians claim it) that we’ve all seen in films and on the telly . You know the scene; campfire, marshmallows on sticks being toasted in the flames and then squished between Grahams Crackers (similar to Digestive biscuits).  I don’t know about you, but I’m not one for camping but I love s’mores. They are a gooey delicious dessert that is comforting and really simple to make. 

They are a perfect treat after a barbecue, while there is still some heat on the coals. Pop a Delish Melish marshmallow on a bamboo skewer (the same that you might use for a kebab) and hold it over the heat. They will melt fairly quickly so have your chosen biscuits nearby.  When the marshmallow is toasted place them on your biscuit and using the other biscuit push the marshmallow off the stick. Now add a thin piece of chocolate or alternatively a squeeze of chocolate or toffee sauce. Place the second biscuit on top and squish it all together.


Ps. You can also toast them under a grill or using a chef’s torch (you might have one in the back of a drawer for making crème brulee) but be really careful with these, not for the kids!